What Is Franchising?
The term ‘Franchising’ has been used to describe many different forms of business relationships, including Franchising, distributor and agency arrangements. The more popular use of the term has arisen from the development of what is called ‘Business Format Franchising.’ Business Format Franchising is the granting of a franchise by one person (the Company) to another (the Franchisee), which entitles the Franchisee to trade under the trademark/trade name of the Company and to make use of an entire package, comprising all the elements necessary to establish a previously untrained person in the business and to run it with continual assistance on a predetermined basis. The principle is simple – some companies choose to grow, not by developing in the conventional way, but by granting a franchise to others to sell their product or service. There are clear advantages to this:

  • You don’t have to come up with a new idea – someone else has had it and tested it too!
  • Larger, well-established Franchise operations will often have national advertising campaigns and a solid trading name.
  • Good Companies will offer comprehensive training programmes in sales and indeed all business skills.
  • Good Companies can also help secure funding for your investment as well as e.g. discounted bulk-buy supplies for outlets when you are in operation.
  • If aware that you are running a Franchise, customers will also understand that you will be offering the best possible value for money and service – although you run your ‘own show’, you are part of a much larger organisation.
  • A recognised and trusted brand.
  • Use your entrepreneurial and motivational skills.
  • Owning your own business with support of a successful organisation.
  • Professional national and local advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Group purchasing power.
  • A national supply and distribution network.
  • Proven Systems and Procedures.
Who is in Control?
Each business outlet is owned and operated by the Franchisee. However, the Company retains control over the way in which products and services are marketed and sold, and controls the quality and standards of the business.
What are the Cost Implications?
The Company will receive an initial fee from the Franchisee, payable at the outset. In return, the Company has an obligation to support the Franchise network, notably with training, product development, advertising, promotional activities and with a specialist range of management services.
Franchise Summary

Key points of the WaffleDelight Franchise agreement:

Franchise agreement                              5 year renewable 

Initial Franchise Fee                                £ 16,995 – (plus VAT).

Initial Cart Costs                                       £18,000 – (plus VAT).

Management Service Fee                      5% (gross turnover)

National Marketing Fee                          1% (gross turnover)

All fees and terms are subject to change, prior to being awarded the Franchise, at the discretion of WaffleDelight.

The Franchise Package
A comprehensive Franchise package has been developed to get you quickly into business.  Below are the key elements we will provide:

  • Franchise 
  • Rights to use WaffleDelight’s Trademark(s) 
  • Rights to use WaffleDelight Know-How, Operating Methods and Systems 
  • Rights to use WaffleDelight central administration
Business Manuals
  • Franchise Operations Manual
  • Training Materials
Management, Training & Opening Support
  • Management Training prior to trading
  • Access to Technical Helpline
  • A comprehensive programme of ongoing support.
  • Sales training
Business Stationery
  • Electronic templates of Letterheads, Continuation Paper, Compliment Slips and Business Cards
  • Electronic templates of Forms and other Stationery
Marketing Materials & Corporate Image Items
  • Leaflets & Marketing Material
  • Advertising & PR Templates
  • Group Marketing Activities
  • Lead Generation Website Participation
Estimated Start-Up Costs

The main component of the Franchisee’s start-up costs will be the Initial Franchise Fee of £16,995 plus VAT.

The purchase of your Cart, Kiosk or Shop set up starting from £18,000.00 + vat.

The purchase of your first stock order of around £2,000.00 + vat

Franchisees should also budget for legal and professional costs to include a review of the Franchise agreement, Franchisee business planning, new company formation and initial accountancy.

All figures exclude VAT which can be reclaimed with the first VAT return to HM Revenue and Customs. Your accountant will be able to advise you on this.

The Franchise agreement requires that the business should be VAT registered from the outset and throughout the term of the franchise.

The above figures are estimates only and must not be taken as a guarantee of the final cost.

The list of items required to start off the business may not be exhaustive.

Before purchasing a Franchise with WaffleDelight you must carefully review all costs with your accountant and business advisers in order to prepare a detailed business plan which should take into account any relevant local factors and your particular requirements for the operation of the business.

Note:  Would-be Franchisees should also be aware that having invested in a franchised business it may be some time before the business generates sufficient returns to allow them to take an income from it.

They should therefore have sufficient additional cash resources to cover their normal household expenditure up until the time that drawings are possible.

Training & Ongoing Support
We have structured a comprehensive training programme covering every aspect of the business, designed to fast track you through all the operating procedures. All travel and accommodation for you and anyone accompanying you will be at your expense. As part of our planned ongoing development, we will be providing support services to help you further your business aims and objectives, in addition to developing the business as a whole. This initial training programme includes:

  • Background to WaffleDelight, its services and structure.
  • Market knowledge.
  • Company procedures.
  • Health & safety issues and responsibilities.
  • Identifying potential customers and territory planning.
  • Selling skills.
  • Time management.
  • Running a small business.

The On-Going Support package includes:

  • Monthly calls with Franchise Support Manager.
  • Quarterly Franchisee meetings.
  • Quarterly review with Head Office.
  • Annual convention with all UK Franchisees.
  • E-mail and web based information, ideas and news channel.
  • Head Office helpline.
  • Sales & Marketing support & advice.
Your Next Steps

If having read this far you feel that the WaffleDelight Franchise opportunity is for you and if you believe you are the type of partner we’re looking for then you should contact our Recruitment Consultant, Jeff Rafftree, to register your interest.

Jeff can be contacted on 07766 442434.

There are a number of steps you will need to take before formally applying for the Franchise as it is a long-term commitment and as such, we both need to feel comfortable with our decisions.

Consider all Aspects Review this document thoroughly and be sure to seek answers to any questions you may have.

Be totally sure it is what you want to do – it is a serious commitment.

Be sure you have the prerequisites for being a Franchisee – it is hard work, with often long hours, especially during the early stages.

Be sure that your partner(s) is behind you. Seek professional advice – speak to your bank for an indication of financial support (subject to more details) if that is required, talk to your accountant etc.

We suggest that you take legal advice a little further down the line. Carry out some local market research.

Talk to our other Franchisees as the network grows. Be sure that you fully understand your responsibilities.

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