Thank you for your interest in the WaffleDelight Franchise opportunity and for taking the time to read through this Franchise Information Document.

We hope it provides you with all the information you need to make a decision as to whether the opportunity is for you.

If having read the details on our website you still have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us or a member of our team, in short, in everything we do, we strive to ensure that we’re worthy of our clients trust.

The WaffleDelight Franchise, with over three years experience in the outdoor catering industry, aim to make our customers feel they can rely on us to provide them with a personal local solutions for their outdoor catering requirements.

We are an independent company with tons of ambition. We’ve worked hard to develop a great client base ranging from sports events, concerts, weddings, fetes and many more opportunities.

We have the experience to give a personal service our clients deserve whilst enjoying a fresh dessert.

We are now looking to expand the brand throughout the UK and are looking for likeminded partners to help us achieve our vision of WaffleDelight being a major player in the outdoor catering market place. Our ethos is very much ‘be the best you can be, lead the market – don’t follow’.

This applies to all WaffleDelight dealings whether it is with our staff, our Franchisees, our customers or our suppliers.

We are committed to putting in place the tools and the infrastructure to enable our people to achieve their personal, and the Company’s, goals.

Enjoy your journey! Sean Read Managing Director WaffleDelight


The Business We are independent and innovative, not just another outdoor caterer. We offer a unique, flexible, high quality service that can be adapted to the clients and the seasonal needs.

We use gorgeous ingredients: After much research we found our perfect suppliers which truly is the best we have tasted, this ensures the consistency and freshness of our desserts every time.

We work with great people.

WaffleDelight is not just about the desserts it is also about the people who serve it. Our team are managed and trained by our professional trainers.

The machinery is designed to deliver exceptional products again and again and again. This means we maintain a consistent experience for our customers.

Clients planning an outside event can be confident that their guests can indulge in our luxury range of waffles, smoothies, shakes, ice cream and hot drinks from our well equipped pod.

Our mobile catering service is ideal for corporate events, parties, firework displays, country shows, fairs and many more.

Administration The overarching feature of a WaffleDelight franchise is the way in which we help you to administer your business.

We believe that there are two things that are important to a franchisee, happy clients and a high level of income.

As one is a direct consequence of the other we do everything that we can to ensure that you are focussed on your clients and nothing else.

The major benefit of a WaffleDelight Franchise is the fact that it is a cash business and as such there are no problems with bad debt, accounting is simplicity itself and we can direct you to an accountant that knows the business and can cater for the headaches of VAT, annual returns and year end accounts allowing the franchisee to concentrate on developing the business.

The Most Important Questions? Is this opportunity for you?

Every effort will be made at our end to help you make a properly informed and fully reasoned decision.

It is in our best interest, as well as yours that, if we both agree to move ahead, you are successful with this venture.

As we will be investing time, effort and energy into your Franchise we will be asking tough questions and making sure that you are absolutely positive that it is the right opportunity for you, that you know exactly what to expect, what you need to do at each and every stage and what is expected of you.

You will find that the WaffleDelight opportunity is an open book. If you are the right person for this opportunity you will have full access to all the information you need to help you make your decision, the right decision, for both you and us.   Telephone: 0800 999 6662

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